boiler replacement SwintonAre you putting off a boiler replacement in your Swinton home because of the costs?  Are you wishing that you had a better boiler during this cold wintry weather so you didn’t feel cold in your own home?  If you answered yes to either or both of these questions then help is at hand as Safe Gas UK is also based in Swinton and they can help you with your boiler replacement.

How can Safe Gas UK help me with the costs of my boiler replacement in my Swinton home?

You might be aware that the team at Safe Gas UK is experienced in boiler replacement and installation, but you might not realise that we can offer you a range of finance packages, which will help you to fund your boiler replacement.  We understand only too well that buying a new boiler is an investment and doesn’t always come at a convenient time in your financial planning.  However, Safe Gas UK can offer you a selection of finance plans to enable you to fund your boiler replacement and turn your cold property back into a cosy home.

Safe Gas UK can offer you three alternative finances options, which will enable you to purchase a quality boiler from one of the key reputable boiler manufacturers; Worcester Bosch, Baxi or Vaillant, all of which we are authorised to use.

Our finance options are:boiler replacement swinton area

  1. 0% finance – exactly what it says – simply spread the cost of your boiler replacement over 2 years at no extra cost, you don’t even need a deposit
  2. Buy now pay later – again no deposit required, just save up for 12 months then pay the full installation cost with no extra interest. Alternatively, you can pay a monthly charge after the 12month period until it is paid off at 17.9%APR
  3. Spread the cost over 10 years at a rate of 9.9% finance, which means you will pay a higher final price but you still don’t need to pay a deposit.

For more information about the finance options see the appropriate page on our website

Remember that there are other medium and long term costs of replacing your boiler.  New boilers are more efficient so it is likely that by installing a new boiler your monthly payments for heating will reduce.  In fact, you will probably find that it is not just your gas bill that goes down but your electricity as well, because we use the latest energy saving pumps.  Wouldn’t you like to have that peace of mind that your family are warm and it isn’t even costing you as much per month as when it was cold?

To get in touch with us to discuss your boiler replacement in Swinton or across the North West you can either contact us, or give us a call 0161 900 3612 or 07891 855 205.